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>>Quality control / technical support

Hao Hua Electronics Co., since the establishment of the company adhere to the ' do it right the first time, first-class quality, customer satisfaction, ' the quality policy. Xi'an Jiaotong University and the establishment of long-term technical cooperation relations, continuous improvement process to improve product quality to meet customer quality requirements. The company has a number of high-quality, experienced quality inspection team and a group of the same Hewlett-Packard Company with international laboratory standard test equipment, to achieve the quality monitoring automation and specialization.

Long-term since, the company used in the production process of SPC management method, in accordance with the PDCA quality of the product cycle control and management, has formed a complete set of quality control and management system, this is our most reliable quality assurance.

On a regular basis some specifications product concurrent test, including the test in high temperature and low temperature test, vibration test, the welding test and aging test.

>>Process quality control

IQC is responsible for incoming inspection: in accordance with our standard of raw material inspection.

IPQC is responsible for process inspection : the use of control chart to control the production process, production process not period, all of the products seized the whole, and the use of strict international standard detection methods, to ensure product warehousing, zero defect rate.

FQC to the test: from the front of the products tested, inspected confirm before delivery.